Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aunts and Uncles

Across the years and many miles, I have more than doubled my Aunts and Uncles in recent years.
Dad has two sisters. The three Johnson kids all grew up on our farm in NW Iowa. Joyce (1924-2005) married to Dale (1921- ). Carol Ann (1930- ) was married first to Bill (1929-1981) and her second husband is Wes (1926 - ). In their married lives they have lived in Sioux Falls, SD, Brandon, SD, and now are out in the Black Hills of SD.
Mom was adopted as a child and grew up as an only child. As an adult we located her birth families and she found out she had 5 half siblings. On her birth fathers side she had a sister Julie who passed away the day I sent a letter to her brother introducing our family and brothers Don (1930- ) married to Lois and Ray (1942- ) married to Lynne (1952- ). On her birth mothers side she had a sister Page (1939-2006) who died before they met, although they did talk on the phone previously, and a brother Baird (1940- ) and his wife Sandy (1942- ). Mom's met all her brothers, I haven't met any of them in person, but have talked and/or e-mailed with them, someday... They live in Colorado, Arizona and Illinois currently.

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