Friday, January 30, 2009

Printmaking Collage

Last year I took some students down to the art department at UNI (University of Northern Iowa) in Cedar Falls, IA. I'm a UNI alumnus but the art department is now in a new building from when I attended UNI. There are only a couple professors still there from my days as a student, time creates change...
My students and I got the opportunity to do some silkscreening on t-shirts using different screens provided by the printmaking department. We combined and overlapped the variety of screens using different colors for each screen on one shirt. It was a lot of fun and the professors and student helpers were welcoming. The facility was great, we just don't have the space, materials or time to do it like they had it set up for us there.
I had done the workshop earlier with some area art teachers, which led me to want to do this with my students. My piece from my first workshop has plans to become a tote bag once I set up my sewing machine... procrastination again!

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