Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back at School

This is a view of my Great Aunt Mable Swanson's rural classroom around 1915, in Sioux Township, Lyon County, Iowa. Imagine the limited resources, multiple grade levels and multiple jobs teachers put up with then. Sometimes I feel I can relate to those situations myself. We started a new semester this week at school. I teach 6-12th grade Art which includes three middle school classes and high school classes of Art II, Painting, Graphic Design, Crafts as a Fine Art and Studio Art this semester. This week we have 1st semester grades due, I have morning hall duty wrangling 8th graders and have supervision at the basketball game on Friday night. It's a busy time closing out 1st semester classes, putting away units and resources from those classes and getting new things out and prepared for the new classes and new faces in my room. I've got some excited kids who want to be in my classes and that's what makes it all worth it!

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