Monday, January 12, 2009

New Banner Title

As you may have noticed, I made a new title banner for my blog. Identifying the scenes/photos from left to right: Dad on his pony Jack, Ljung church in Sweden where many of my ancestors attended church, Mom in a rocker around the time of her adoption, the clock face is from my wall clock, the Johnson kids in their hooded sweatshirts on the farm, the Johnson family home in rural Larchwood, IA, on top is the Swanson ancestral home - Fallhemmet in Ljung Östergötland, Sweden, and some hollyhocks I watercolored on the right edge. The background is a painting of Yosemite National Park I painted as a gift for my brother Steve. I used Photoshop Elements to combine the shots. My students will be doing a project similar to this so I always need practice. I even made one today as a surprise, for my friend Carol. Her Blog is titled Choose Joy. We graduated from High School together and are both currently art teachers.We were dismissed from school at 11 a.m. this morning due to snow and blizzard warnings, the wind is to come up tonight so who knows what the morning will bring. We've already lost 3 days due to weather, soon we'll be going into June!

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Carol said...

Diane, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! I love the header you made for me and it is all so meaningful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was able to get new backgrounds for free at, but it won't work anymore. What do you use, you blog guru, you? Carol


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