Sunday, January 4, 2009

Family and Friends in Arizona

More photos from my time in Arizona... It's always time for photos when family gets together.

Deb has her house decorated so nice, it is full of things that show her talents and collections from over the years. Her talents include her early work with needlework, then hardanger pieces, stained glass, sewing, quilting and now basket weaving filled the house along with other treasures. You could look in any direction and see something that brought back a memory. Don't you just love homes like that? It made me want to come home and redecorate. (I have to put things away first!)
Special residents of her home are her cats Max and Mikaela. They are the royalty of the house. I woke up one morning to Mikaela climbing on my chest and purring for a rub, I was after all sleeping in her spot. They both like to see what's happening in the bathroom when people head that way. Yes, they had presents under the tree to open with a little help from Deb.

Mom & Dad play on a bocce ball league. Four people to a team, it was Iowa playing Michigan this week. There are bleachers off to the side for spectators (there were 2 of us)

Every Wednesday morning a group with Larchwood connections get together for breakfast at an area restaurant. The faces change each week depending on who is in town and who's available. This week it was from L to R: Doc Dykstra, Dad, Dorothy Kelly, Me, Jack Bontje, Mom, Cheryl and Len Olson.
Mom and Dad in front of their orange tree. Their trees are so full of fruit, the branches are bending with the weight. I picked some the day I left and even weighed my suitcase to see how many I could fit in. What's common in Arizona is a treat in the cold mid-west.

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Jane said...

The layout of your blog is so great.
I have to ask though.....what is bocce ball? Is it like boles?
Do you know I'm not even sure I've spelt that right....:)
Anyhoo...Happy New Year to you and all your family.


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