Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogging 101

My 100th posting came and went without me noticing. So this is my 101st posting and I should have something profound to say or post but I don't. I've spent the morning searching through blogs on-line and have added a few links of inspiration to my list off to the side, more will follow I'm sure. As the new year begins I'd like to work on decluttering my surroundings but how should I start? I find a use in everything and have a hard time throwing things away. I love the unique and envision projects at every turn, I just procrastinate when it comes to diving into the deep abyss that surrounds me.
I know where to start, my biggest procrastination of all, cleaning; dishes, laundry, organizing. I'll let you know how it goes...


Karen said...

Ah yes, organizing and cleaning. Every winter I compile a "winter chores" lists, things to be done once a year while there is no yard work to take care of....drawers, cupboards, closets....I'm looking at my list today and saying...oy.

I'll let you know how it goes for me too! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR END!!

Carol said...

Oranizing and purging, difficult for an art teacher. I do think we need to get together to share ideas and projects. Weekends are so full with family stuff, my house gets behind too.! Today is our Christmas party. Glad to have family nearby though. Love, Carol


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