Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog Number Three!

Am I nuts or what? I am now authoring three blogs! My students help with the postings on two of them, but I am continually learning the tricks and trades of blogging. There are so many different kinds of blogs and websites, but I find this to be one of the easiest ways to post to the web. You really should give it a try if you're at all interested in posting something, REALLY. (just click on the orange B above and you'll see all the directions there.)
I procrastinated my day away with various tasks, dishes, recycling, paperwork, phone calls, cooking, TV and I also scanned and added photos to my last ahnentafel post. I had to hunt some down, but I think everyone I have photos of has one posted next to their information. Remember to click on the photo to see an enlarged version.
I have to admit the one of my GG Grandfather Karl August Swanson is questionable. We didn't have any photos labeled with his name. The one I posted is from a tintype we found at Grandpa Charleys. There was another man in the original photo who we could identify, my GGG Uncle Peter Newberg, Karl's wife Carolina's brother. The Swanson's met up with Peter in Lansing, IA after emigrating from Sweden in 1869 and the two homesteaded in Dakota Territory together. The man I think is Karl looks so much like his son, my Great Grandfather C.T. Swanson, that I've chosen to think it's him. There was a lot of damage to the original tintype, I worked today on retouching the photo digitally.
Back to my blogs: 1st came Spreading Seeds, then last fall I started Denver 6-12 Art for my art students to post their artwork to the web and now I've started Digital Intentions. (click on the titles to be directed to the blogs.) The last one is a site just for my Graphic Design class to post on, all 14 of the students in the class are authors on the site too. I post their assignments there so they can log in anytime or anywhere and check things out or post their work from home. Sounds like a good plan,... I'll let you know how it goes.

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