Sunday, January 18, 2009

Basket Weaving Sister

With all the topics I randomly post, I realized it's time to post something artsy. I don't have anything of my own photographed or completed to post right now. (Excuses, excuses!) So, as requested by a friend and loyal visitor to my blog (Hello Ronda!) here are some of my sister Debs baskets.
This was a display of her's in 2006 at a Scandinavian craft sale in Tucson that she does annually. (The Dala horses on the tree were made by me, out of clay. I have some mini horses to carve out of wood for her sale too, but keep on putting it off!) She adds a few new styles each year. I have seven different baskets of hers, if I'm counting right. She taught me to make one style of basket and I do that with my students in my Crafts as a Fine Art class.
Deb also crochet's scarfs, shawls and afghans, she's wearing a blue scarf she made. I have three scarves, a hat and an afghan that she made. (Click on the photo to see it enlarged in a new window and use your back button to return to my blog.)


Ronda said...

WOW! Those are beautiful! What a talented sister...

Karen said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I am such a basket freak, and these are just lovely!!

Beth Hoden said...

Your family is crafty! I wish I had just one of your skills! Hope you can get a full week of classes this week!


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