Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Day of School

Left: Joe, Debbie and Steve on their first day of school, 1962.

Everyone's going back to school... I remember when it was my first day of school in my youth, the biggest thing was deciding what to wear and bringing those new supplies. Then there was always the photo opportunity for Mom to take our picture. There were feelings of excitement and nervousness over what was ahead of us. Meeting your new teacher, finding out who was in your class, and of course riding the bus route in elementary and junior high.
I remember riding the bus in Kindergarten with Ann and Tony Kerkvliet, sitting on the seat behind our favorite bus driver, Harry Stettnichs. Harry would give us money at Christmas and stop at his store in Larchwood where we could buy our favorite candy or what not. Who could forget the last day of school when he'd stop at his farm and let us fill bottles with water for the annual water fight on the bus. But I'm getting ahead of myself, this is the first day of school talk...

Right: All four of us are headed for school in 1963.

I went to Larchwood for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, Alvord for 3rd grade and the new West Lyon school between Inwood and Larchwood from 4th-12th grade.

I've been back to school for a week now with inservice for teachers. Tomorrow is our first day of students. There will be lots of meetings, homeroom and shortened class periods. At our school high school, students still have the chance to change their schedule this week so it will still be a chaotic week getting everyone and everything adjusted.
Tonight I go back up to school for 6th grade orientation. Let the school year begin!

Left: Steve, Debbie and Diane heading to school in 1968. Steve would be an 8th grader, Deb a 9th grader and Diane in 5th grade. (Mom made both of the dresses we're wearing.) Notice all three photos were taken on or near the front steps of the house.


Ronda said...

Can you believe that my husband still takes my first day of school picture (as a teacher)? Now we take it with our kids as they head off to school too. Someday, those pictures will make a nice retirement memory! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane ... this is Jen (Swanson) Warrant, AJ's youngest daughter. He gave me a link to your blog, and I've been having great fun checking out all the old pictures. I love first day of school pictures. I am continuing a tradition that my dad started where we hold signs and take a picture on important days. Someday my boys will appreciate it. :-)
I'll stop by your blog often to check things out!


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