Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Early Swanson Farm

I found a couple more early photos of Charley and Anna Swanson's house. The kitchen/pantry were on the right side of this photo and the parlor was on the left with the smaller step entrance. I wonder why the steps were different widths on each side?
The top photo shows three children, so from their appeared ages I would guess this was taken in 1901/02. The youngest child would be my Grandmother Phoebe Carolina born, Jan. 19, 1900.The bottom photo was taken in the winter of 1903/04 because Grandma Anna is holding baby Elmer, born May 10, 1903. On the far right is Aunt Tilda Swanson, I believe holding Lawrence, who was born Nov. 24, 1903. Uncle August is standing behind Aunt Tilda. I wish I could identify everyone in the photos, here's an attempt. Front row: ? Mable, Emil, Charley, Phoebe, Anna, Elmer Swanson, ?, ?, ?, Tilda Swanson, Lawrence. Row two: ?, ?, ?, ?, Adolph Swanson, August Swanson. I don't know anyone for sure behind the front two rows, I imagine lots of Swedes! Great-great Grandmas Greta and Carolina Swanson are probably two of the older women in the front row. Remember you can click on the photo to see an enlarged version.

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