Monday, August 4, 2008

Shared Inspiration

I first recommended starting a blog to a high school classmate of mine last week on July 30th. She loves taking photos, has helped me with our class of 76 website and I knew she could have fun posting on her own site. Carol and I graduated from West Lyon HS the same year, were in band, choir, art classes, even walked together at graduation, and ended up choosing the same profession - Art Teacher. (She's reading this now, Hi Carol!) Anyway, the day wasn't over and I'd seen what she started on her blog, it looked fun and decided I would do one too. We've been exchanging ideas back and forth and are both realizing how the communicating of our experiences, artwork, ideas and thoughts give us the afterthought that we're not as concerned with who sees what we've posted just that we've expressed it. Does that make sense? Oh, don't get me wrong we love it when people take notice, but why not share, I never know when my posting might be that seed to get someone else going... or at least I can only hope to spread some of those seeds of inspiration.
Carol has a beautiful voice so it was no surprise that she would have music playing in the background of her blog. In fact I've been known to open the page to her blog just to listen to the music as I do other things. Well today I tried adding music to my page too. WARNING: I've got a very eclectic song choice for you to listen to. Feel free to go to Carol's blog to listen to her music instead. :-)

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Carol said...

Oh, Diane!!!!! How very special to have a spot on your!!! I love it. I tried and tried to alter my post so that I could put a newer picture. My daughter told me to. Anyway, I just looked at your blog and you made me smile. Thanks for sharing, thanks for "talking" with me, my new pen pal! Love, Carol


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