Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's been a long time...

Mom and Dad are coming today! I'm excited to have them here. It's been over three years since they've been down to Denver. Seems like once Steve got sick back in 2005, many things were put on hold. Your perspective on life changes, I'd sit at the computer each night awaiting time to talk to Steve on the video. It's a cliche but so true, "things don't matter, people do." Enough of this, I've got to finish cleaning... the folks are coming!!!

Here's a photo of them in Alaska in 2004, (not many waterfalls on the farm.)


Linda Ziulkowski said...

You are so right, things don't matter, people do. So now, create some new memories with your mom and dad while the time to create them is right! May the three of you have a really blessed time these days together! My love to you all!

Carol said...

Diane, hove a great time with your Mom and Dad. I am an orphan, you know, so treasure all the moments and collect hugs! Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

I can't call you Johnson like weirdo Penny does. What is up with that? She must have learned that at UNI to call all her female friends by their last names. Anyways, your page is wonderful. I also enjoy researching my family history. I made Penny take a road trip with me to Oklahoma last year and it was alot of fun and interesting. My goal is to trace my roots back to Europe, but it's a long road ahead. Both of my daughters will be in college this year so maybe I'll have some free time to do some research.


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