Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eating Out - Summer Style

(Do you know that if you click on a photo it will enlarge into a new window?)

Going through old photos I found these treasures of picnic shots. As the last days of summer vacation creep up on me before school starts I imagine there's still a chance for a picnic.

Sitting on the front lawn at Charlie and Anna Swansons home (my great Grandparents who are in the bottom left of the photo) making ice cream as everyone anxiously awaits. There's a box with dishes in the center (by my Grandma Phoebe).

A Sack lunch in the church yard to the East of Grandview Covenant Church back in the 60's. Probably after Bible School? Families represented here include: Bjork, Hessaa, Johnson, Dieters, Volseth, and Payfer. Did I leave anyone out?

Lunch in the field - 1975. Left to Right: Calvin (Dad), Steve, Joe, David Hildring and Eddie Hildring.

The backyard of friends, Inger and Bjorn's home in Sweden - 2001. Mom, Aunt Joyce and cousin Robin and I made our memorable trip together, Barbro met us at Ingers also. I had met Inger and Barbro on-line back in the late 90's while doing family research. They both live in the town of Ljungsbro and while they weren't acquainted before meeting me, they both made our trip to Sweden a memorable one. We would picnic everyday on our trip. Packing a lunch in the morning and sharing our feast of treasures along our way.

The Ericsson family - 2001, my host family from when I was an exchange student back in 1975 in Hävla, Sweden. It was wonderful to meet Jan and Ulf's families and of course see Papa Olle and introduce them to my family in person. I do remember the dessert this evening was a huge bowl of ice cream with fresh raspberries in honor of a favorite treat when I lived with the family years ago.

In 2005 we had a Johnson reunion of Joyce, Calvin and Carol Ann's families. The day started with a church service at Grandview, followed by a trip to the cemetery before coming back to church to eat the then ready feast of food. (Ok, so we ate indoors... we're talking airconditioning and tables to eat at!) Many of the cousins had not seen each other for quite some time and while only 8 of the 10 first cousins were able to be there we were grateful for the opportunity to get together. After a buffet style lunch served in the church kitchen we toured the area connecting everyone with family sites of days gone by.

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