Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keep in Touch

It’s easier to stay in touch with family and friends than ever before. Cell phones and e-mail are wonderful ways to communicate. My immediate family all have video on their computers so we often talk while being able to see each other through video conferencing. It’s just like they’re in the next room although they may be more than a thousand miles away.
Currently my cousin’s daughter is a volunteer nurse doing mission work on a Mercy Ship in Monrovia, Liberia, Africa. Her mother, my cousin, will be joining her this next week as a volunteer nurse herself until early October. They both have blogs to keep everyone informed of their adventures. Since starting my own blog, I’ve found out other friends also have them.
My interest in genealogy has put me in touch and allowed me to meet new friends and distant cousins in Sweden and Norway. Then there are e-mails with my student exchange family from 1975 in Sweden and our own exchange student sister from 1972, now in New Zealand. So the world gets a little smaller the more we communicate with each other.
Time melts away as friends who have passed through my life stay in touch or reconnect. I am the administrator on a web page for my high school graduating class that we started 3 years ago. Where most of us used to only see or hear from each other every five years, we now e-mail frequently and stay updated on each others lives. The Caringbridge websites also allow people to connect and support those going through illness as I’m reminded as I check on people currently maintaining a Caringbridge or Care Pages site.
Even you, either family or friend, are reading this now keeping us connected. Today and every day I treasure and celebrate the opportunities we have today to stay in touch.

Left: Here I am touching the Cloud Gate sculpture at Milennium Park last spring when another art teacher and I took 50 students to Chicago. We left lots of fingerprints.

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